Intensive Training School: Project Quality Assessment based on Artificial Intelligence

Are you a senior student, PhD candidate, young scientist or specialist interested in the scientific  areas related to artificial intelligence? Join our school in order to get practical skills in working in the field of Artificial Intelligence and assessing the quality of models based on AI!

School Highlights:

  • One week of lectures and tutorials to learn new skills
  • Interactive classes and communication with students from different parts of the world
  • Team project work under the supervision of professional mentors
  • Guidance support from the school team
  • Possibilities to expand your network
  • 2 ECTS and a certificate


Main topics:

  • Writing a grant application for interdisciplinary projects with ML: setting a task for school 
  • The essence of the data: how to build a model, and how to assess the  achievability of predictive modeling results
  • Is the model really good? Assessing the  AI model quality based on data 
  • Is it possible to do better? Comparison, ranking and reengineering of AI models
  • The code quality and documentation of the model
  • Human factor: AI and professional competencies.


Еach team will present their projects on the final day of the Summer School and the jury will appoint winning teams.

Number of places is limited, the decision will be made on Motivation Letter

Motivation Letter Template